DMM Viper


The Viper is a comfortable and durable men’s all-round climbing harness.

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The Viper is a comfortable and durable men’s all-round climbing harness. Generous amounts of padding provide support and feature a mesh fabric for breathability. Fully adjustable waist and leg loops allow you to fit the Viper over any layering system for all-season capability. A floating waistbelt keeps the padding and gear loops centralised, giving further adjustability and keeping gear within easy reach.

Five gear loops give enough racking for sport or trad climbing. For long mountain trad pitches to multi-day mountain epics, the Viper keeps you secure and comfortable.

  • All-round harnesses are highly supportive, comfortable, and fully featured. They have extensive racking options for summer and winter climbing and are effective in summer and winter environments.
  • Adjustable leg loops and a floating waistbelt mean that no matter how many layers you’re wearing, you can find a comfortable fit. Appropriate for climbers who want a single harness for all their climbing.
  • Five gear loops accommodate enough gear for long pitches without cluttering the harness. The rear loop keeps the belay kit separate from the main rack.
  • Padding makes harnesses comfortable to hang or fall in, which is important when working routes or on long climbs. It is ventilated to increase breathability and comfort in hot weather or at the climbing wall.

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